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Course Name Department Course Number Section Term Instructors Notes
FAC Faculty Only
Computer Accounting Accounting ACCT 2043
Careers in Agriculture, Food, and Life Science Agriculture Food and Life Science AFLS 1002
Medical Terminology Allied Health AHSC 1001
Electronic Health Records Allied Health AHSC 1123
All Science Classes Safety in the Science Lab VHS All Science Classes
Introduction to Archeology Anthropology ANTH 1033
AQIP AQIP Accreditation AQIP
Art Appreciation Art Appreciation ARHS 1003
History of Photo & Grap Design Art Appreciation ARHS 2823
Design I Art ART 1313
Color Studies Art ART 2333
Graphic Design II (Symbols) Art ART 2373
Graphic Design III Art ART 2383
Web Animation Art ART 2903
ASC ASC Collection: Supplemental ASC
Survey of the Universe Astronomy ASTR 2004
Chocolate and Confections Baking Arts BAKG 2203
Intro to Life Sciences Biology BIOL 0112
Intro to anatomy and physiology Biology BIOL 1013
General Biology II Biology BIOL 1014
Principles of Biology I Biology BIOL 1544
General Zoology Biology BIOL 1604
Anatomy and Physiology I Biology BIOL 2214
Anatomy and Physiology II Biology BIOL 2224
Legal Environment of Business I Business Law BLAW 2013
Plant Biology Botany BOTY 1614
Data Analysis & Interpretation Business Transfer BUTR 1033
Basic Chemistry Chemistry CHEM 1054
Fundamentals of Chemistry Chemistry CHEM 1074
College Chemistry I Chemistry CHEM 1104
College Chemistry II Chemistry CHEM 1124
Organic Physiological Chemistry Chemistry CHEM 2614
Business Statistics Computer Information CISQ 2013
Film Arts Communication COMM 1003
Fundamentals of Communication Communication COMM 1313
Special Topics-Independent Communication COMM 290V
Safety and Sanitation Culinary Arts CULY 1003
Intro to Food Preparation Culinary Arts CULY 1103
Stocks, Soups & Sauces Culinary Arts CULY 1203
Center of the Plate Applications Culinary Arts CULY 1303
Introduction to the Theatre Drama DRAM 1003
Macroeconomics Economics ECON 2013
Microeconomics Economics ECON 2023
English Composition I English ENGL 1013
English Composition II English ENGL 1023
Technical Writing English ENGL 2013
Surv Brit Lit to Romanticism English ENGL 2113
Survey of World Lit to 1650 English ENGL 2213
Survey of World Literature II English ENGL 2223
Introduction to Soil Science Environmental Science ENSC 2204
Industrial Hygiene - Workplace Environmental Management Environmental Science ENSC 2703
Educational Technology Educational Technology ETEC 2003
FAC Faculty Only FAC
Intermediate French II French FREN 2013
Physical Geography Geography GEOG 1003
Human Geography Geography GEOG 1123
General Geology I Geology GEOL 1114
General Geology Hybrid Geology GEOL 1114H
Environmental Geology Geology GEOL 1134
Elementary German I German GERM 1003
Introduction to Coding Health Information Management HIM 1143
Disease Pathology Health Information Management HIM 1213
ICD 10 CM / PCS Coding Health Information Management HIM 2243
Management in HIM Health Information Management HIM 2413
Healthcare Legal and Ethical Issues Health Information Management HIM 2432
Quality Performance Improvement in Healthcare Health Information Management HIM 2513
Healthcare Statistics Health Information Management HIM 2523
Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement Health Information Management HIM 2543
Western Civ I - to 1650 History HIST 1003
Western Civ II - Since 1650 History HIST 1013
World Civilization to 1500 History HIST 1033
Hist of Amer People to 1877 History HIST 2003
Hist of Amer People Since 1877 History HIST 2013
History of Arkansas History HIST 2053
Personal Health & Safety Health Science HLSC 1103
Introduction to Hospitality Hospitality Management HOSP 1003
State & Local Disaster Mgt Homeland Security & Emergency Management HSEM 1053
Exploring the Humanities Humanities HUMN 1003
Intro to Gender Studies Honors Humanities HUMN 2003H
Legal Research Paralegal LEGL 1104
Legal Writing Paralegal LEGL 1133
Legal Ethics Paralegal LEGL 2382
Wills, Trusts, & Estates Paralegal LEGL 2753
Pre Algebra Math MATH 0013
Beginning Algebra Math MATH 0053
Math for AAS General Education Math MATH 1003
College Algebra Math MATH 1204
Plane Trigonometry Math MATH 1213
PreCalculus Math MATH 1285
Quantitative Literacy Math MATH 1313
Survey of Calculus Math MATH 2043
Finite Mathematics Math MATH 2053
Survey of Math Structures I Math MATH 2213
Calculus II Math MATH 2564
Calculus III Math MATH 2574
Differential Equations Math MATH 2584
Microbiology Microbiology MBIO 2014
Music Appreciation Music MUSI 1003
Bridge to RN Nursing NURS 9105
Care of Adults II Nursing NURS 9305
Nursing Care of People with Psychosocial Stressors Nursing NURS 9404
Nursing Exam Guides Nursing Nursing Exam Guides
College Documents Institutional Documents NWACC Documents
Testing Services Testing NWACC Testing Services
Business Communications Office Systems OSIM 1103
Fitness for Life Physical Education PEAC 1702
Introduction to Philosophy Philosophy PHIL 2003
World Religions Philosophy PHIL 2033
Physical Science Physical Science PHSC 2004
Physics and Human Affairs Physics PHYS 1024
Intro to Physics Physics PHYS 1064
College Physics I Physics PHYS 2014
College Physics II Physics PHYS 2034
American National Government Political Science PLSC 2003
Successful First Year Student Psychology PSYC 1003
General Psychology Psychology PSYC 2003
Psychology Statistics Psychology PSYC 2013
Abnormal Psychology Psychology PSYC 2043
Human Growth and Development Psychology PSYC 2103
College Reading Reading READ 0033
General Sociology Sociology SOCI 2013
Social Problems Sociology SOCI 2033
Marriage and Family Sociology SOCI 2043
Caribbean Sociology Sociology SOCI 2093
Elementary Spanish I Spanish SPAN 1003
Elementary Spanish II Spanish SPAN 1013
Syria Themed Semester Institutional Documents Syria Themed Semester

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